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Aisling - boggart attack

Had a dream this morning. [the dream]I was working at an elementary school, helping out, and rec'd a request from the most beloved teacher at the school to come to her classroom for some special project. I went in early and was helping out in a general way while she was out of the room when word came to us that she'd been in an accident. At the time, she was dead but I guess my mind didn't like that outcome and changed it to injured.

Then I was at her house, helping while she recovered. There were a number of small, potentially dangerous accidents and her children were upset, fearful, wanting adult supervision at all time.

She had a bottle of strong medication that had to be kept from her children. I was sitting quietly in a corner of the living room listening as she read to her two kids, close to an open closet filled with shelves. The medicine was stored in there and a carafe of wine. With the eyes of my dream character, I saw the medicine bottle fall off the upper shelf and land above the carafe of wine, and that the stopper was off it. I got up to get it but not before some of the medicine dripped into the wine. But when I finished putting the medicine away, the stopper was back on the carafe. The teacher and her husband didn't believe me when I told them that the wine was contaminated by the medicine because there was no way that the stopper could have come off by itself and it was so clearly still on and sealed.

So I asked if the house had a reputation for being haunted. On being told (with an expression of surprise) that that very room was supposed to have been the site of some paranormal events, I leaned into the closet and shouted, "In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, may God bless you." There was a roar from the closet and a furious rapping and knocking commenced. I turned to the family and wryly told them that their home was haunted - by a boggart.


Why a boggart and not a ghost? Because in my mind, ghosts cannot affect physical matter and poltergeist is just another word for boggart. A boggart is a type of hobgoblin; malicious, angry, prone to dangerous pranks and booby-traps - like the poisoned wine. A boggart is one of the Yosling, in my story, one of the low fey, but one that is conditioned to tolerate the presence of iron.

I suppose I should include another category in the profiling lists, referring to the ability to tolerate iron.
Tags: boggart, ghost, poltergeist
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